Mark Burley ~ RIP

It is with huge sadness that we announce the passing of our dear friend and band member Mark, who unexpectedly passed away on the afternoon of Saturday, 23rd September 2023.

Mark Burley

Mark Burley

We are still in a state of shock as at the previous week’s rehearsal Mark had been on top form and was, as always, jovial and full of energy. He was particularly chuffed that evening as we finally nailed the recording of ‘Part II’ of a new track, and he was particularly pleased with his performance – as were we all. As a band we met on a weekly basis and enjoyed playing our music and touching base with each other – Tuesday’s just won’t be the same.

So, less than a week later it seems unreal to be writing this tribute to him.

Mark joined the band nearly in May 2012 and quickly grew into the role. Always striving to ‘improve’ on his parts, he was a truly creative and ‘musical’ drummer, more interested in how his playing worked to enrich the music, rather than his own abilities.

In 2015 we went into Aide Rea’s studio to lay down three tracks for the third album Island In The Sky. With some re-jigging Mark eventually managed to get the full kit into the rather small drum booth. And in one fairly short day, Mark laid down his drum parts for the entire album. Sadly the pandemic robbed him, and the band, of the opportunity the play the tracks live.

Mark Burley in the studio

In recent years Glacier have rarely gigged, but when we did it was a joy to perform with Mark. He loved the live environment, and a chance for him to bring out the full kit (Biggus Kitus) – once behind it, his enthusiasm and performance was truly inspiring.

Mark Burley

Mark Burley

Mark was also proud of his involvement with North-East ‘punk-folk’ Driven Serious. Mark appeared on their last album Look On The Works, appeared in the stunning video which accompanied the first single, Raven’s Call, and toured extensively with the band until increasing issues with his tinnitus forced him to call it a day early in 2023.

The above tells of Mark as a drummer and a musician.

Mark was a deeply caring person, a devoted family man a proud parent of Sarah and Dan and very overjoyed to become grandparent to baby Levi.

We will always remember him for his friendship, his humour and his humanity…

RIP Mark (25/11/65 ~ 23/09/23)