Monument – 2001

Release Date: 17th April 2001
Running Time – 66:20

Dave Birdsall – Vocals
John Youdale – 6, 12 & Nylon Guitars, Vocals & FX
Dave Kidson – Keyboards & Vocals
Bob Mulvey – Bass & Bass Pedals
Graeme Ash – Drums

Peter Cornforth – Keyboards (10)
Heather Davies – Additional Vocals (3,5 & 8)
Tony Stewart – Additional Bass (1)
John Rhodes – Additional Guitar (2)
Jack Youdale – Vocal Introduction (10)
Chris Brown – Spoken Word


“On this recent thirteen-track release Glacier, a British quintet, establish themselves as purveyors of the best kind of prog: that which doesn’t become anchored to genre cliches but, instead, delivers music both fresh and dynamic” (Ghostland)

“Glacier has released a special and original album with Monument.” (Progwereld)

“Really strong quality prog… Never a dull moment. A real ‘monument’. Bravo” (Background Magazine)

“Glacier is terrific find, especially for lovers of this style of music. I hope that Monument is only just the tip of iceberg, and that as we dig deeper there’s more to be found.” (Prog World)

“Think CAMEL, think YES – and add GLACIER to yourt list.” (DMME)

“One of my fave tracks is the almost Yngwie Malmsteen and Uli Jon Roth is the rather grand title track. A gorgeous instrumental that flows with beautiful guitar structures and soothing synth work…” and ” makes guitarist John Youdale one of the most exciting and elegant players that I have heard from the UK in years” (Fireworks Magazine)

“As any album there are tracks that stand out straightaway. For me this is the anthemic Bring Down The Rain working to a climax with a stunning contribution from Heather as second voice” (Xymphonia)

“The City Gates has a much more serious atmosphere. It features a beautiful “huge” sounding chorus, not unlike the one in Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb, with bass pedals and Hammond organ.” (DPRP)

“This not second rate modern neo-prog, but the real McCoy and as such I heartily recommend it” (New Horizons)

“another favourite track of mine, “Con Molto Noddus”, a great neo-prog/pomp song with again a lovely melodic chorus and keyboards all over the place (Strutter Magazine)

“Excellent and indispensable work, highly recommendable” (Progressive Rock BR)

“East of Arabia has a great drum intro that changes tempo into a keyboard driven song, then changes again with the bassline carrying the melody. The keyboard is Asia, the melody Yes, the bass Squire-esque, bizarrely it is my favourite, a little potty but great. (Awaken?).” (TPA)

“…with strong emphasis on the catchy melodies, the sensitive vocals and the careful keyboard textures.” (Progarchives)