Prog Archives – Ashes Review

Glacier is a typical British band established in the end of the 70’s. I’ve listened to this album on a website called “progstreaming” and I must say that I’m not disappointed. A bit of an odd album that must grow on you (before judgement). In between the songs there are a lot of humoristic passages and the songs are in the mood of Genesis and in particular Steve Hackett. The overall impression is very nice and the vocalist reminds me of a 70’s band from Holland called the Dizzy Man’s Band with also lots of humour in there songs (You should check them out!). The two songs and highlights on the CD are “Projections” and “One Man Alone”. Let yourself be enchanted by the music and try their first album “Monument” from 2001 (yes a 14 years gap) which also gives much pleasure with songs written in the 80’s and 90’s. The song “Bring Down The Rain” could be a hitsingle! Four Royal Stars For Me ****

4/5 Stars – Hogweed Returns – Prog Archives

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