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Glacier are an English pomp/fusion band in the vein of Marillion or a looser edged Spock’s Beard. The band have been together since the late seventies, yet this is their first recording as Glacier. Their music is very high tech and synthesisers are very prominent throughout this excellently produce album. In-between the songs we hear little sounds such as birds chirping and church bells which adds a degree of spiritual enlightenment to the record such as on the song ‘Think Of England’ which almost sounds very grandiose, almost operatic vocally and musically there are some rather delicious spots of guitar work and stunning drum work, which can be heard throughout out the albums as well as instruments such as flutes etc.etc. Often the music’s spiritual side shows a feeling of courts jesters, castles, Kings ‘n’ Queens and minstrels, so perhaps the band oughta get a copy over to Prince William at Buckingham Palace, I hear he like a touch of progressive rock these days, lol.

No seriously every song is beautifully written and well crafted and shades of Spock’s Beard, Pallas, Arena, Enya, Karnataka, Mostly Autumn and Marillion can be heard during pieces such as ‘Another Open Door’, ‘Con Molto Noddus’, One of my fave tracks that is almost like Yngwie Malmsteen and Uli Jon Roth is the rather grand title track. A gorgeous instrumental that flows with beautiful guitar structures and soothing synth work, emotional and well thought out the song slides in nicely with all the other vocal arrangements which makes guitarist John Youdale one of the most exciting and elegant players that I have heard from the UK in years, the playing is also delicious on ‘East Of Arabia’. Overall the band sound great and if your a fan of the aforementioned acts then do yourselves a favour and grab this album whilst it’s hot. or Email :

Rating: 8/10   (Review by Nicky Baldrian)